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Want to outfit your truck or jeep with oversized tires? Need driveline repair? Drivelines Plus Inc. can help. We perform a variety of automotive services and can customize your ride to your specifications.

Our technicians have more than two decades of experience working on cars and trucks of all types. You can bring your ride to our shop for basic repairs,, or to customize . No matter what you need done, Drivelines Plus has got you covered!

See what we can do to improve your ride. Call Drivelines Plus at 812-925-7518 for an appointment.

Is a faulty transfer case grinding your gears?

If you're having difficulty shifting gears or hear suspicious noises coming from beneath your vehicle, contact Drivelines Plus immediately. Our team can take a look at your vehicles transfer case and determine if it's malfunctioning. A malfunctioning transfer case could cause trouble and put you in danger if it's left unrepaired. If we find any damaged components, our team will repair or replace your transfer case ASAP.

Come by Drivelines Plus in Chandler for a transfer case inspection today.
Drivelines Plus provides a number of quality automotive services designed to enhance your ride's performance. We offer:

Custom lifts for big trucks and jeeps
Lift kits for smaller vehicles
Driveline repair and installation
Basic gear repairs
Transfer case work

You can count on us to handle all of the above and more. Reach out to Drivelines Plus for details.

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